As instructed, first, we chose the learning outcomes of the game which were Time Management and Creativity. 

The game is similar to escape rooms and break out. The game has a circular platform with four exit doors on the edges, all the players start at the middle of the circle and have different paths; due to the numerous doors and rooms. Throughout the game, the players face 10 tasks out of 5 categories: 

  1. Common Things – Pictures
  2. A number of words that start with the letter …
  3. Creating something out of raw materials that are available
  4. Uses for an object – 50 uses of a brick
  5. Objects that are colored red or yellow or etc.

 As soon as they pass one task they get a key and open the door of the room that contains the second task and so on. But if the player is not able to solve a task, he is stuck in the room and gets another task of the same category. After passing all the rooms the player finds a lock that he tries to unlock using one of the keys he/she gathered along the way.